8 Feet Tall - Jill Fitz Hirschbold Photography

8 Feet Tall<br />
<br />
Can't you see me<br />
I'm 8 feet tall<br />
of what you know<br />
is nothing at all<br />
<br />
Can't you hear me<br />
I yell and call<br />
I scream so loud<br />
I'm going to fall<br />
<br />
Can't you feel me<br />
I'm not that small<br />
You go right through me<br />
I'm nothing at all<br />
<br />
Can't you know me<br />
I'll tell you all<br />
just take some time<br />
it's nothing at all<br />
<br />
Jill Fitz 2012

8 Feet Tall

Can't you see me

I'm 8 feet tall of what you know

is nothing at all

Can't you hear me

I yell and call

I scream so loud

I'm going to fall

Can't you feel me

I'm not that small

You go right through me

I'm nothing at all

Can't you know me

I'll tell you all

just take some time

it's nothing at all

Jill Fitz 2012