A Whisper<br />
<br />
I could feel a presence<br />
    it was the moon<br />
Sitting in candlelight<br />
 there was a whisper.....<br />
     of happiness<br />
<br />
The sound grew louder<br />
      as the night<br />
Until it was as loud as<br />
      the darkness<br />
<br />
  Shuddering at the intensity<br />
but nothing to block the sound<br />
   The music swept over<br />
      to the light of day<br />
<br />
Jill Fitz  5/29/96

A Whisper

I could feel a presence

it was the moon

Sitting in candlelight

there was a whisper.....

of happiness

The sound grew louder

as the night

Until it was as loud as

the darkness

Shuddering at the intensity

but nothing to block the sound

The music swept over

to the light of day

Jill Fitz 5/29/96