Blue Meets Blue<br />
<br />
The sky above<br />
The sea below<br />
The world I love<br />
The sea I know<br />
<br />
Where blue meets blue<br />
No hint of time<br />
The gentle roll<br />
The ease of mind<br />
<br />
Quiet and slow<br />
Deep and sound<br />
Secrets of the sea<br />
Away from ground<br />
<br />
The quietest time<br />
In years gone by<br />
The beauty and peace <br />
Of the sea and the sky<br />
<br />
Not often spent<br />
This time alone<br />
Borrowed or rent<br />
Time on loan<br />
<br />
Destination ahead<br />
To stop and explore<br />
To teach and be said<br />
There is so much more<br />
<br />
Jill Fitz <br />

Blue Meets Blue

The sky above

The sea below

The world I love

The sea I know

Where blue meets blue

No hint of time

The gentle roll

The ease of mind

Quiet and slow

Deep and sound

Secrets of the sea

Away from ground

The quietest time

In years gone by

The beauty and peace

Of the sea and the sky

Not often spent

This time alone

Borrowed or rent

Time on loan

Destination ahead

To stop and explore

To teach and be said

There is so much more

Jill Fitz 08/29/09