Lift Away

I float to see nothing,

to hear nothing,

to feel nothing,

of my earth bound self

I float to see everything,

to hear everything,

to feel everything

that lies beyond and within my skin

I float to release my mind,

my heart my soul

to see into the unknown

the known

floating in the dark

in the silence

in the nothingness

that is everything



and away

bearing witness to the rainbow coloured threads

erupting from my heart to those I know

twisting, turning, stretching as they go

believing in what the ancients said

that nothing we do

can break these threads

but my shapeless hands they bled

as it felt my childhood threads

ripped and tore away from their once

heart anchored bed

so much pain in letting go

although I know in doing so

will leave behind which binds my mind

becoming free to flow through time and space

to float