No Path Tonight<br />
<br />
Sit beside a breathe<br />
at a time<br />
Lives are written<br />
there is no sign<br />
<br />
So deep beneath<br />
a thought or two<br />
Never present or believed<br />
not me not you<br />
<br />
I had a dream the <br />
night before<br />
Living as is<br />
will not restore<br />
<br />
The movement is ending<br />
its time to go<br />
Where the mind leads<br />
there is no door<br />
<br />
Its gone beyond a<br />
purposed thought<br />
I'm sitting here <br />
no trade not bought<br />
<br />
Time is off<br />
its past the light<br />
No moon to leave<br />
a path tonight<br />
<br />
Jill Fitz 2012

No Path Tonight

Sit beside a breathe

at a time

Lives are written

there is no sign

So deep beneath

a thought or two

Never present or believed

not me not you

I had a dream the

night before

Living as is

will not restore

The movement is ending

it's time to go

Where the mind leads

there is no door

It's gone beyond a

purposed thought

I'm sitting here

no trade not bought

Time is off

its past the light

No moon to leave

a path tonight

Jill Fitz 2012