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You could be standing on a corner

any corner

waiting for something to come

you could be looking in the wrong direction

and what you think you’re looking for comes up behind you

you may be surprised at what you find

you may whirl around and see a light so bright it blinds you

maybe the light is so bright you see everything

maybe the light is so bright you see nothing

maybe the blindness brought by the light blocks the darkness that is sure to be in the shadows

maybe what you find shines a light on your darkest place

maybe it's raining and you see no shadows at all

at any corner

do you shield your eyes from the light in fear of the shadows

do you go expecting there will be darkness in so much light

do you stay where it is comfortable and not venture out

do you not look around the corner

are you not curious about what you might find

what is it that draws you out

what might you see if you go

what would you miss if you don't

you may feel your heart filled to capacity

you may feel your mind expanding beyond belief

you may feel heartache like you have never known

you may wish you had walked right past that corner

would you trade away what you learned if you knew the price you would pay to know

would you

maybe it's your own shadows that are preventing you from seeing the light